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Before you open the world of amazing knowledge of its capabilities comparable to magic. The third law of the famous futurist Arthur C. Clarke states: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Modern scientific thought came close to solving the problems, which have long been attributed to the fantastic and impossible.

For a unique and innovative developments include the practical achievements of the Institute of modeling and designing structures.

In accordance with the principles of "the theory of physical structures", which is the basis of our technology, any process in the three-dimensional space is a reflection of changes at the structural level - in a multidimensional space. With the understanding of interaction processes taking place in the "peace structure", you can create the structure of a specific task. The formation of such structures - the main goal of long-term jobs that were and are conducted in IMKS.

Exploring the principles of light interaction with the world, the mutual influence of animate and inanimate objects, the origin of certain properties and qualities, we have to understand the methods of creating structures in nature. The next step in achieving our goals was to use natural features information synthesis, we have obtained experimental evidence supporting the possibility of interaction with the reality on the level of information structures. These principles form the basis of structure system adapter

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