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A famous song says: “Don’t tell me about love, everything has been already said about it”. Nevertheless, love has always been an inexhaustible topic. We are speaking about Love from the perspective of Light and structural relationships. If Love is Light, the ability to Love is an ability to exchange this light. Every person, every human being emanates light. This light can be partly measured by equipment, based on the Kirlian effect (for example, the GDV camera Bio-Well This measureable light is precisely the manifested part of the Light of Love.

What can the owner of the POTENTIAL of LOVE expect? What is happening under the influence of this Translighter?

  • The manifestation of love in the life of the person becomes more intensive;

  • The self-evaluation and self-sufficiency of the person in the relationships increase;

  • The ability to love and be loved significantly improves;

  • The fear of being rejected disappears;

  • The tension in relationships between people reduces;

  • New relationships are created as an ability of mutual support and mutual empathy;

  • The feeling of closeness and contact in relationships with people gets stronger;

  • Additional feeling of lightness in relationships appears and enables to strengthen the relationships.

Why does it become possible due to using the POTENTIAL of LOVE card?

Every person has a need for love, as a possibility to connect with something/ somebody outside themselves. Everybody satisfies this need in their own way. This kind of connection can have many different tasks. An endless number of belletristic, philosophical and scientific books have been written on this topic. We would just like to note that the usual material world and material relationships do not solve this task. Let’s go back to the idea that Love is Light. It can seem that if a person as a living being which can emanate light is able to exchange the light with other people, the exchange of people’s own Living Light is precisely the way of solving the task of connection. However, various factors can prevent people from exchanging their Living Light. These factors weaken and distort this Light. These can be external factors, such as physical fields of different kinds, distortions of the structure of the space, etc., as well as internal factors, such as different kinds of fears and phobias; stereotypes of perception, caused by education, etc. Such factors can lead to big energy losses and weakening of the Living Light.

Moreover, the time structures of the Living Light of different people are different. As a result, the potentials manifestation of different people are also different.

Let’s look at the following model. There is a phenomenon known as homeostasis. Every living being or system strives for balance and resists efforts which upset their balance.

Let’s look at the potential V-function, which describes the changes of a person’s potential, conditioned by some X-parameter. It is possible to illustrate the homeostasis on the graph as a function with its minimum index in the Х1 point (See Figure 1). Any deviation from the Х1 point requires some particular effort and will create tension in System 1. Therefore, System 1 will resist this kind of changes.

In order to illustrate another person, we need to create another function with its minimum index in the Х2 point (See Figure 2).

The difference between the indexes Х1 and Х2 is conditioned by individual deviations. This is precisely the manifestation of different representations of the time structure. If a person, while attempting to build relationships with another person, gives priority to their own conditions, on the graph it looks as shifting of the other graph (for example, V2) to the Х1 area. For example, the first person can force the other one to obey their demands (relationships of the “become who I want you to be” type, etc.) Such relationships can be named “passion of power”.

Such relationships will make the second person feel tension, which will inevitably lead to breakup of the relationships in future. This means that if in the beginning the person agrees to fulfill the other person’s requirements, such relationships most probably won’t last long (let’s call the relationships, based on this readiness to obey, “power of passion”). These are extreme manifestations of structural incompatibility of time, which lead to difficulties of establishing time connections with people. In everyday life we usually see many kinds of interim states of this incompatibility.

In order to get rid of the tension, it is necessary to create common time structure, which would include both states – V3 (See Figure 3). However, the structure of the V3 graph is more complicated than that of V1 and V2 graphs. Therefore, in order to overcome contradictions in relationships with people it is necessary to manifest a potential function of higher complexity. This means that Light characteristics of loving people should have higher dimensions.

So the POTENTIAL of LOVE creates conditions for:

  1. Reducing the level of noise, which distorts the Light of Love between people. The amount and brightness of the light increase. The user begins to illuminate other people more intensively, which creates conditions for manifestation of their Light of Love. People become more attracted to each other.

  2. Increasing the dimensions of Light characteristics. The Light begins to unite people not only in terms of space, but also in terms of time. This facilitates magnetism between people. Light relationships between people, who possess such characteristics, become more harmonious and stable. The number of mutual complaints and demands reduces. The level of dependence and control on each other also reduces. Trust between the partners gets stronger.

Once you have increased the dimensions of your own Light with a help of the POTENTIAL of LOVE, you can experience new states of Love, which were not available for you before. You can realize your own abilities to love and manifest them in new relationships.

Perception of the person, who uses the POTENTIAL of LOVE, begins to change, becomes more objective and adequate. As a result, the number of illusions and informational distortions in relationships with the partner decreases. The relationships become more sincere and natural. The partners begin to trust each other and listen to each other more. The influence of personal ambitions on the nature of the relationships decreases, which leads to the decrease of dissonance. Your partner becomes more sensitive and you also begin t react to his/her wishes with more understanding. Common goals and interests take priority in the relationships. The partners begin to support each other more actively, which enables them to fulfill their creativity and create a common aura of love.

Love is a musical note which gives the sound to the system parameter of life time without distortions of interim flows. The structure of the POTENTIAL OF LOVE represents the variability of human relationships by way of multi-dimensional display. This structure enables you to manifest new relationships, which you have never experienced before and which might show the trace of the light matrix of the person in the hyperspace of implementation opportunities.

Such relationships begin to change the nature of the person’s interactions with the reality and create a range of opportunities and phenomenological relations. One of the conditions of gaining the freedom of relationships is functional connection between stable relations and the time of their life. The longer these relations are and the richer the relationship is, the higher the POTENTIAL of LOVE and the diversity and freedom of action in its manifestation are.

The users of the POTENTIAL of LOVE structure begin to feel stronger connection with the world and to realize their own significance for the world. Their feeling of responsibility is based not on the fear of making a mistake or being punished for incorrect behavior, but on the feeling of closeness and understanding of accuracy of their actions. Their opportunities in love become a revelation for people around them, as if it were an example of a game of the highest level. The novelty of these manifestations becomes natural and unconstrained, it involves other people into a wonderful world of co-creation.

In order to facilitate their interaction with the POTENTIAL OF LOVE card, the users can apply different imitational models of visualization and affirmation.

For example, put the POTENTIAL OF LOVE card between the thumb and ring finger of your left hand and try to feel the POTENTIAL which has just appeared. Then try to imagine it as sparkling plasma, emanating light, which gradually covers your hand, the whole arm and then spreads along the whole body. If creates a kind of “plasma cloud”. Feel it inside yourself, near yourself, as well as at some distance from you. After that you can broaden this cloud, so it will reach the other person and a common cloud will be created. While doing this, it is interesting to contemplate how the attention of the person to you, to your words and actions will be changing. It is possible to send this plasma mentally to those who are far from you, but the relationships with whom you would like to improve.

Also, you can try affirmation, described in the methods of H’oponopono (see the book by Joseph Vitale “Life without limits”). “I love you”, “Forgive me”, “I am very sorry”, “Thank you”. Address your inner Light.

This affirmation, intensified by the POTENTIAL of LOVE, is a very strong instrument of harmonizing relationships with other people, as well as with the World.

Love and be loved with the POTENTIAL of LOVE!

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