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System adapter "Golden Mask" activates internal reserves of your body, giving them wherever you want.

You can make the skin firm and elastic, improve metabolism in the whole body, and simply increase their life potential.

Normalization of the organ systems

Interacting, first of all, from the head area and the brain mask promotes activation of restoration and adaptation processes, launching mechanisms of normalization of organs and body systems.

Improves overall health. Increasing the barrier function of the skin, its surface becomes more integrated, lesions heal faster. The skin becomes a qualitatively new type of containment. Recovery Process management takes place unconsciously, to self-level.

In the skin at all levels, including the activity of the protection mechanisms. Violations compensated homeostasis, metabolism is normalized. The energy for the maintenance of these processes, the body extracts from the internal connections of water liquid crystal structures.

customizable mask to certain conversion tasks, and its effects can be controlled consciously, enhancing its action. Other organs and systems are taking the baton to the structural transformation, it is also filled with the new liquid crystal bonds.

Various cosmetic procedures, enhance the effect of the application of the "Golden Mask", since beginning to work deeper levels, including in the maintenance of an active mind and tone your body of light. Thus, the lifting effect of sharing the "Golden Mask" is more stable and durable.

New Light Body. Moisture supply

"Golden Mask" contributes to the transformation of the human Body of Light. Energy sheath takes the form a single network, where there is no separated areas, and energy distribution is balanced and constant. Luminosity is reduced uniformly.

Before using the "Golden Mask" should drink more fluids (preferably water, structured parlor). After the procedure, should also drink a glass of water to facilitate the process of recovery. Due to the normalization of the light of the human body, the body can store energy, which previously used to compensate for energy losses.

Regular use of masks increases the moisture content of tissue, normalizes the circulation of fluid in the tissues of the skin and internal organs. Absorbed by the body water will be reallocated mask. Crystal structures within each cell are organized in a new way that improves the operation efficiency and increases the life of every cell and tissue in general. Water absorbed in the body and plays a role structured additional energy source.

Cleaning information links

Under the influence of the "Golden Mask" is updated and scrubbing of information flows through the mind and consciousness. The brain perceives the information faster and more objective. This update allows a person to select for themselves the necessary knowledge and clear.

With constant use of "Golden Mask" growing sense of inner peace, the perception of the surrounding world becomes balanced. All actions are becoming more aware, and implementation of tactical tasks (long-term) to the next level. They are implemented easily, with ease, with high speed.

The attraction, joy and understanding

The user mask after some time of regular use begins to feel an increased interest on the part of others. He appears as a conscious and unconscious level. The surrounding people become more friendly, trying to help, evince a desire to cooperate and communicate.

The increased participation and attention of others helps a person to quickly rebuild the connection with the outside world and effectively customize their interaction system.

Gradually erased traces of aggression as the user masks and his own aggression towards others. Begins to decrease symptoms complexes and self-restraint. Disappears anger and irritation.

It changes the usual course of things. From the cycle of recurring events planned path to growth and development.

Welfare begins to grow as a consequence of increasing viability of the individual.

Being close to the user's mask brings another person a feeling of inner peace and joy. If the holder of masks bears education, his ideas are more easily accepted and successfully translated into reality. You become a source of inspiration and creative energy emitter. A person is enlightened, showing the new look of the man of the future. The future becomes a bright, open up prospects and improve day by day.

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Translighter GOLDEN MASK

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