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System adapter for washing.

It improves the environment, significantly reducing the amount of detergent (5-20 times).

System adapter for washing

- Improves the environment, significantly reducing the amount of chemicals used in washing;

- Improves the quality of washing;

- Saves money as washing vehicles (up to 10 times), and electricity (can be less to rinse and wash fast modes);

- Reduces the manifestations of allergies and skin diseases;

- Cleans and strengthens the spirit of the user of clothing and linen;

- Increasing the attractiveness and appeal;

- Grows luck and bezkatastrofnost.

Its shirt - this system - information adapter for machine and hand (after soaking) wash clothes.

What does "own shirt?"

What distinguishes the "Custom Shirt" from "not their own"?

Clothing man performs many different functions. One of the main function is adaptive - increasing adaptability man to changes in the environment. In fact, clothing acts as an artificial border environment.

In this border there is a lot of metabolic processes, energy and information. On the one hand clothing acts as a filter, not missing harmful factors from the surrounding world, and the other must provide the maximum bandwidth for the information to perform adaptive functions of the body to adapt to changes in the environment. Gradually clothes soiled and can not perform its functions.

To clean it needed washing.

Usually the quality of the wash is assessed by the degree of removal of the real dirt. "Custom Shirt" helps improve the wash quality and reduce the amount of used washing equipment (up to 10 times).

In addition to the real dirt wear filters and structural information distortion.

When they say "Its shirt - close to the body," it is meant that the host shirt soaked in spirit and begins to be a part of it. In other words, the host structure is transferred to clothes and written on it. But clothing also transferred the structure from the outside world and they are not always good for a person. In conventional washing of the bodies removed, but not completely. System "Custom Shirt" adapter for washing removes alien structure and enhances the true owner structure. Thus there is a strengthening of the spirit and its purity.

About people fortunate that at critical moments luck, they say - "The shirt was born." This means that a person can get out of the catastrophic situation "dry water". Clothing should be laundered with system adapter "Custom Shirt" increases intuition and accuracy of decisions made, which enhances good fortune and bezkatastrofnost.

Another function of clothing - man decoration. People using the clothes trying to increase its attractiveness, hide defects, emphasize the dignity. But no wonder they say: "Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind." Clothing creates a purely external effect of attractiveness, which can quickly dissipate upon closer inspection.

However, the neat spirit accumulated in clothes with the help of "my shirt" contributes to the manifestation of attractiveness in the long term. People feel the purity of mind and reach for it. Therefore, the use of "my shirt" increases not only attractive but also attractiveness, enhancing communication skills and manifestations of love in people's lives.

How to use the product's own shirt?

The device is put together with the laundry into the drum of the washing machine and is used for washing all types of fabric, subject to the recommended level. The water temperature is not higher than 60 ° C.

Heavily soiled underwear is recommended to soak with the product's own shirt.

Put in a bowl the product's own shirt, add a little detergent (2-10 times less than the norm), pour into a bowl of water, stir the water, turning it clockwise, put underwear.

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