• Translighter OBVIOUSLY (stickers)

Curative effects:

It improves the microcirculation in the capillaries around the eyes.

It relaxes the muscles of the eyes and optic nerves.

Quickly eliminates eye fatigue.

Effectively prevents the occurrence of eye diseases.

It prevents the appearance of puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

Cosmetic effect is to reduce the tension in the muscles and periocular rejuvenation of the skin.

Action structure obviously is manifested in the tangible improvement of vision. Relieves tension in the muscles of the eye, vitreous structure is restored, the lens and the cornea. It will help to cope with a headache and strain to get rid of insomnia and morning swelling eyes. It improves blood circulation perefricheskoe in the contact area improves the delivery of oxygen tissues, promoting well-being and proper rest during sleep. Dreams are vivid and memorable.


To remove eye fatigue.

The complex in the treatment of eye diseases, myopia in children and adolescents.

To remove a morning eye puffiness.

To improve the cosmetic effect for eye lotions.

To remove the headaches associated with eye strain.

For a quick and comfortable sleep.

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Translighter OBVIOUSLY (stickers)

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