• Translighter MIRROR OF ISIS (card)

TRANSLIGHTER MIRROR OF ISIS - the system integrator for time - rejuvenation of the organism and the expansion of true wishes for self-programming for success.

When you look into this mirror, an invisible hologram appears between you and the mirror. This hologram represents your inner structure, absolutely individual and true. This hologram becomes a tuning fork, which “tunes” you to restore your integrity.

As you are not only a spatial object, but also a temporal one (you were born in certain time and will live physically for a certain period), the integrity of your temporal relations also becomes restored. Thus, the possibility arises of correcting and controlling the temporal processes, which means you do not just have to follow the predetermined life line. It becomes possible to avoid predetermination of such notions as fate or karma in your life. It also becomes possible to return to the past by the kin roots to restore them.

There is a noticeable improvement on the state of biological tissues and the cerebral activity. You can see a slight lifting effect when using the mirror. You will notice that you start to like your own face much more. Your true wishes start entering your consciousness and you can start to realize them; the wishes presenting your true personality and not the ones imposed onto you by outer influences.

You can see the effects of the mirror with the help of some special devices, such as the GDV (gas discharge visualization) system based on Kirlian photography.


We are accustomed that time always moves forward. But the situation with wave movements is qualitatively different:

light waves can be converted into time and made to expand backwards along the previously passed trajectory.

The mirror is the source of accumulating bio-energy and generating time, which is capable to materialize.

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Translighter MIRROR OF ISIS (card)

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