• Translighter MAT BLISS

Promotes rapid recovery of the body, it encourages the active purposeful action.

It works as a network switching adapter capable of redistributing stress in people, promoting relaxation and relaxation.

Network impulse grill adapter generates a multimodal background laser beam of radiation haosnyh person, thus concentrating its energy on solving urgent problems.

It creates conditions for the mobilization of human potential and optimize its trajectory of life. However, these conditions manifest themselves and optimize each person can own. Its activity will be provided with energy and is motivated by internal states.

Should listen carefully to these conditions and be willing to respond to the action. Change the characteristics of the time. Time is sealed and filled with new significant events. Do not miss these events, do not dismiss them, pay attention to the signs of grace.


Lying on the mat, or hide them in the morning after waking and at night before going to bed 10-20 minutes. Treatment time can be changed depending on the sensations.

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Translighter MAT BLISS

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