Translighter DELIGHT

An effective tool, which intensifies your ability to neutralize various kinds of parasitism.

  • Creates proper conditions for accumulation of your personal energy.

  • Lowers the risk of overexertion, tiredness and exhaustion.

  • Increases the quality of system connections of your relationships.

  • Lowers the level of anxiety, helps to recover from depression.

  • Intensifies your vitality and the joy of living.

  • Helps to transform personal relationships.

  • Helps to get rid of pathological addictions (physical, psychological, emotional or informational).

  • Increases sociability and mutual understanding between people.

  • Increases the amount of the Good in your life.

Light connections and “energy vampirism”

Firstof all, the DELIGHT system adapter influences the relationships ofenergy and information nature, which are known as “energyvampirism”. In order to understand the mechanism of functioning ofthe adapter more deeply, let’s examine the light nature ofparasitism.

Everyliving being in its everyday life interacts with other living beings.As a result, an exchange of living light between them takes place,which can create new light connections. It can cause either theincrease of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of thepeople’s living light owing to creation of new light connections(if the interaction is optimal), or their decrease because of thenoise and accumulated distractions. People usually have differentlight characteristics. Apart from the difference in quantity andintensity, the livinglightcan also have different quality*.

Optimal development of relationships between two people leads to arange of compromises, which can enable their light characteristics toincrease. It createsconcordbetween the two participants, so bothof them get an advantagefrom these relationships. In this case both people feelenthusiasm, inspiration, warmth and security.For example, such are the relationships between an experiencedteacher and an interested student.

However,there are also other situations that can happen in real life. Itoften happens that one participant of relationships wins, and theother one loses. One of them improves his or her lightcharacteristics, while the other one spoils them. This often happensif one of them has low light characteristics. When the donor (theparticipant of the relationships who emanates more light) does notget enough light in return, this kind of relationships makes him orher feel loss and exhaustion. In everyday life it is called “energyvampirism”.

Sometimesa third variant is also possible, when both partners experience adecrease of their light characteristics. This usually happens whenboth participants of the relationships initially had a low level oflight.

Whatdo you gain from using the DELIGHT?

TheDELIGHT creates proper conditions for establishing additionallight connections.It increases the order of light characteristics and reducesdistortions and noise. The user “illuminates” their partner usingtheir transformed Living Light, which gives strength to the partner.Thenature of relationships changes, so there is a possibility to bringthese relationships to a new level of mutualsupport and mutual strengthening.This means that the user stops losing their energy (light) and beginsto increase the quantity and quality of theirown living light,and at the same time improves the light of other people. Thisimprovement will be manifest by means of the increase of the Good.Goodness, goodwill, good-neighbourhood and conscientiousness inrelationships with other people will increase. 

However,it is not always possible to achieve these qualitative changesquickly and easily. Because of various kinds of noise andlimitations, causedby the environment, unpreparedness or limitations of perception itcan take longer time till these interactions reach a new level.

Inthis case a transitionalperiodbegins, which is related to gathering proper lightqualitiesby the user of the DELIGHT. During some period of time reorganizationof light connections will take place, some of the connections willget weaker, others will get stronger. Such changes can be manifest indifferent ways – for example, the person can lose interest incommunication, find some urgent tasks to solve rather than continueinteraction with the “energy vampire”, the person’s interestcan change(they can find new hobbies). All in all, the attention of one objecttowards the other one decreases abruptly. If the complexrelationships originally had a potential for mutual development,after some period of time reorganizationof light connectionscan take place, which will ensure necessary conditions for enteringthe mutualstrengthening mode.In this case the relationships can resume on a new qualitative levelwithout manifestation of parasitism.

TheDELIGHT helps to reducedifferent kinds of addictions,i.e. tobacco, alcohol or drugs addiction, as well as harmfulinformational and psychological addictions. It reducesthe level of depression and anxiety,increasesvitality and joy of life.Sincere relationships get stronger and become brighterand more sensual.The DELIGHT improves the general positivemoodand helps you to establish priorities of interests in your life morecorrectly. 

User  manual

Forsuccessful use of the DELIGHT you need to formulate your intension orwish. The DELIGHT will give strength to your intension and accelerateits manifestation in your life. In order to intensify the effect ofthe DELIGHT, use various imitational models and scientific fantasy(you can learn practical skills of creating and applying imitationalmodels during seminars of the Biointernet school).
TheDELIGHT can become an additional module of any Translighters device,which is designed as a plastic card. The DELIGHT can also be usedseparately. Keep it in a place, which is convenient for you (forexample, in your wallet or pocket). Avoid prolonged contact withskin. 

*Thequality of living lightis a general name, used for various characteristics of the Light,which are inherent in every living being (intensity, fractality,fragmentariness, etc.) The quality of living light, along with thequantity of the light, ensures effectiveness of light interactionswith yourself and other objects, as well as effectiveness of yourrelationships with the world in general. The quality of light can beestimated by means of modern diagnostic devices, for example,GDVcamera Bio-Well, designed by Dr. K. Korotkov.

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