Effector of intentions

It is a new solution for successful people, who aspire to attain the maximum result and Increase efficiency in all areas of life.


A long time our team approaching the creation of a "magic wand", which allow to everybody materialize true desires without complexity and resistance. At first we developed devices for implementation desires of different level. There are operative desires, tactical tasks and strategy purposes. So we have developed many devices for local specific purposes and for normalization in a variety of areas of life.


Using of the GoldFish will open next capabilities for you:


             To formulate true wishes distinctly

             To determine promptly the best strategy of action

             To gain time by avoiding unnecessary actions

             To solve problems of any complexity with high efficiency

             Achieve the purpose by shortest way

             To perceive the full picture in the face of a lack of information

             To solve their own and not others tasks


GoldFish - is one of the advanced developments by VSI BLAGA. This device allow you to realize dreams and desires regardless of their level of complexity. Moreover, the resource intensity of your desire also does not matter.  When using the GoldFish, you need to realize your true desires and wishful final result. So you can use all the possibilities of the materialization. And you do not need to think about which resources to use to get your aim.

People have long dreamed of fulfilling their desires. All nations have different fairy tales about Well of wishes, Magic Wands,tales of the Jinn. From Russian tales we can learn about Gold Fish, which fulfils desires. The main idea of the Russian fairy tale is that desire should be true and reasonable. A desire must bring good and not harm the world and other people.

If you do not realize your true desires, then the Goldfish will help you better understand yourself. Your hidden desires will be carried out gently and lead you to the conscious aims. You will understand how to make the right choice.

The structure of the Gold Fish eliminates distortion of the environment on the forming and realisation way of desire. So intention gains strength of the pure acting without resistance of environment. The stronger your intention and the clearer the goal, the sooner and brighter it will be realized with the application of the Goldfish.

The free energy of space will be directed to approach you to your goal, and the structure of the Goldfish contributes to the formation of a clear vector for the realisation of the conceived. So the efficiency of solving any your problem increases.

To accomplish your goal, you can use your usual algorithms, as well as new techniques. If you like to think through all the details, then your intention can be realized according to your plan. If you prefer to improvise, then your desire will be carried out without limits and limitations. The quickness and simplicity of the solution will surprise you. When using Gold Fish, resource constraints are not important for the implementation of intent. The needed people, material wealth and other resources necessary to realize your desires, appear at the right time.

You should be attentive and act decisively in time during the fortunate circumstances.

Feel free to experiment with your desires and the use of the Golden Fish. Remember that realization of your desires should not harm others.


Use the Gold Fish, learn more, be passionate and you will be successful.

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