• Translighter СOMB COSMOS (sticker)

THE TRANSLIGHTER COSMOS – is a tool for creating JOY good mood and structuring thoughts.

The device COSMOS, placed on the brush massage, you can restore the hair structure, reinforcing the natural connection with the cosmos.

Use COSMOS to strengthen Human Light System.

Device COSMOS can comb the thought! Your thoughts will decrease confusion and increase the order. Faster will be new, fresh   ideas, decrease fears and complexes.

With the help of COSMOS you can “comb” the light of all the meridians of the body, not just the head, sharing the “cohered time” in the organs and systems, removing the violation and stagnation.

Dream to live well and feel happy? Need to create a constructive and constructive thinking. Structure their thoughts, the man begins to form a realization of their dreams direction. Clearly pointed intention is implemented quickly and effectively.

Device COSMOS will help you to quickly solve tasks that you set for yourself, comb tangled thoughts and give a clear understanding.

COSMOS instruction. How to use it:

* Be calm.

* Make smooth movement comb, gently brush the hair and massage the skin. Think about your head with hair in the form of luminous filaments.

* Touch of the COSMOS should be smooth and soft. Movements should be consistent , whole .

* You can use a comb-COSMOS not only for combing heads, but also to massage other parts of the body – neck , shoulders, back.

* Imagine your thoughts flow in the form of light, as you using a comb – Cosmos ® unravels them, like hair, combine a strong and direct the light rays in the desired direction.

* For some time, you can leave the comb in her hair, close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations and images in the mind. Perhaps you can find in them a hint or a straight answer, if you are concerned about any issue. Your thoughts, you have set up and reinforced comb-COSMOS can now be shown in a visual manner.

* Continuous heavy use of combs – Cosmos ® reinforces the effect of a stable mental activity.

* The cosmetic effect COSMOS comb hair look healthier, richer color.

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Translighter СOMB COSMOS (sticker)

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