The BIOINTERNET MASK is a sleeping mask with systemic adapters, BLAGA devices, which stimulate, through quantum physics, the parts of the brain, responsible for vision, intuition and creativity.

Imagine you had a tool that helps you make the world a better place for yourself, see it from a new and open perspective and that will lead you into unknown spheres. The BIOINTERNET MASK is such a tool. It helps you develop a new vision of quality, develop techniques to effectively implement your heart’s desires It helps you notice things you had not noticed before and, through relaxation, enhances your creative potential.

BIOINTERNET MASK - device for Lucid Dreaming, MeditationTelepathyMaterialization and for The Biointernet Practices

The BIOINTERNET MASK also has several curative effects such as an improvement of the microcirculation in the capillaries around the eyes, relaxation of the eye muscles and optic nerves, quickly relieves tired eyes, effectively helps to reduce the occurrence of eye disease and reduces edema, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

The cosmetic effect is the reduction of tension in the muscles and a rejuvenation of the skin. It will help soothe headaches, relieve insomnia and early morning eye swelling. It improves the blood circulation and improves delivery of oxygen to the tissues, promoting well-being and proper rest during sleep. Dreams are vivid and memorable.


Are the eyes of the main body of vision? It is known that the image of the eye is formed in the brain. The quality of the picture depends on how the brain processes information. The brain receives information not only from the view but also from other receptors that help the brain navigate in the world. There are a number of schools that teach the formation of an image from the world of alternative sources of information. The best known of these schools is led by Mark Komissarov who has developed some effective methods to develop an alternative vision (ISIIS).


The BIOINTERNET MASK helps to enable the formation of the visual image of these alternative information channels, which enhances and complements the image obtained through the optical channel.


By using appropriate techniques, using the BIOINTERNET MASK, an alternative vision easily turns into a steady news channel: four-dimensional vision (see the contents of the vessel, hidden walls), X-ray vision (the vision of the internal organs), knowledge vision (visual image is not formed, but there is knowledge about the subject), increase and decrease in vision (visible in binoculars or a microscope), twilight vision (seen in low light and total darkness) and other interesting modes.


In order for an architect to create a project, it must first be submitted. The artist must first submit a picture, so that he could draw it. Each case will be more successful if you can imagine its final outcome. The better the imagination, the more successful any creative activity will be. The BIOINTERNET MASK helps to develop imagination and creative implementation. The more precise, vivid and harmonious an image is obtained, the more successfully dreams are realized. The BIOINTERNET MASK will help you create high-quality visualization, full of vitality and faith.

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