• Translighter SUPER

THE TRANSLIGHTER SUPER is a Bio-Compensator of influences of pathogenic factors on people.

It provides raising the quality of life at the expense of increasing the energy and restoring the integrity of a person.

The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER increases your adaptive capabilities, restores your informational relations, and takes away conflict and strains. The Super positively affects all aspects of life, raising its quality. The influence of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER is many-sided and whole and is beneficial for health and for the entire vital system of the organism.

The organism stops using up resources for processing unnecessary information and shows no reactions to it. The conserved resource is used for restoring the energy system of the organism.

The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER makes all the parameters of your luminosity stronger and better and the majority of people can feel this light. They feel uneasy when communicating with people whose level of luminosity is low. People with high luminosity are attractive. They are noticed and paid attention to. The expression “lucid people” is not at all a metaphor – it means real people possessing high luminosity (energy), with whom you feel easy and comfortable.

Normalization of the oppressed systems of the organism

The studies conducted at different research institutes confirmed that the main effect of the use of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER is the normalization of the oppressed systems of the organism (immune, endocrine, heart-and-vessel and others). It manifests itself in that if the controlled parameter is lower than the norm, it increases; if it is higher – it decreases. Thus, all the systems of the organism gradually approximate the norm. If the initial parameters are normal, nothing happens. That is why the TRANSLIGHTERSUPER cannot harm the organism and does not have any negative side effects. However it should be mentioned that the Svetlitsa-Super is not a medicine, it does not substitute for medical treatment prescribed by a doctor. It takes away disturbances which have not yet led to inconvertible physiological changes in the organism. Using the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER in any therapy helps to recover much quicker. Fatigue decreases, sleep becomes better, self-confidence appears.

Strengthening of psychological resistance

Users of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER start to get fuller information from the environment as a result of restoring informational relations. Their intuition rises as well as the quality of the decisions made. The user of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER reveals new qualities which were hidden earlier, potential capabilities that were not used.

The integrity of interactions gives the completeness of life, filling it with new content, new relationships and acquaintances. Events considered impossible become possible thanks to realizing complex system relations. The development of such a system of relationships is gradual and steady; these relationships realize themselves in unexpected lucky events and coincidences. These coincidences become habitual making the background for the possibility of the desirable things to take place. In other words you will have luck and success in business, relationships and your health becomes better as well.

Providing the integrity of outer relationships allows you to plan correctly and to realize your movement in space, avoiding the places where an accident or a catastrophe could be possible. The safety of vital activity increases as a result of a lower possibility of accidents and disasters.

Elimination of barriers in mutual understanding

One of the brightest and most often noted effects of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER is the improvement of mutual understanding between people. Good will increases, the level of aggression falls. Many businessmen notice that it becomes easier to find common language with their clients and contracts are signed more easily. In families conflict situations get less. Children start to study more successfully and behave more adequately.

Methods of using the device TRANSLIGHTER SUPER

Restoring of the energetics and systems of the organism

The Svetlitsa-Super should be worn close to the body (in the pocket or as a medallion) with the label towards the body; at night you can put it under the pillow. Thus you clean your own surroundings. Your energetics and your system will begin to restore and you will gradually feel better, raising work efficiency. Catching a cold will become very rare.

In case of illness you will recover more quickly by fixing the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER on the problem area. The treatment prescribed by the doctor will show a faster effect, and pain will reduce more rapidly.

If you make a blood test, you will see beneficial changes (the hemoglobin will rise, immunity will grow).
Use of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER is especially important to those working with different electro-technical devices such as computers, radiotelephones and so on). The Svetlitsa-Super will help them to compensate negative influence of these devices.

Purifying drinking water

The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER influences practically all the parameters which characterize the organoleptic properties of drinking water, the microbe number, even the chemical composition, but mainly it changes the information structure of water. To activate the water, the device is put for 20-30 minutes under the reservoir filled with water, the label being upwards. Such water can be consumed in unlimited quantities; it can be used for cooking, taking a bath and for animals. It helps to clean the organism.

Compensating of the influence of geopathogenic zones

Put the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER in the centre of the discovered geopathogenic zone. In the radius of 1 -1, 5 meters the device will compensate its influence.

Protection of plants

Put the device under the pot with the plant, the label upwards. In several days you will see that the plant is getting stronger, growing faster. Such a plant will improve the aura of your home and create a special atmosphere of coziness.

How the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER functions

In this device there is neither the source of energy nor any known physical fields. Its functioning is based on the latest achievements in physics – the informational control of the “spatial-temporal” structure. Any object has its own structure and is “submerged” into the “space-and-time” environment. But “space-and-time” is not homogeneous, it also has a structure. These structures interact and exchange information. But there are other structures which bring dirt. They may be called hindrances or obstacles, because they can distort the informational exchange, making disturbances for the processes which take place.

The system adapter TRANSLIGHTER SUPER is an instrument for creating the future – for realizing wishes.

It is constructed as a topological structure of the Mubius projective tore type (F-tore) with timeless characteristics. It allows taking away distortions in the monad interactions of the past-present-future aspects. In forming the future, working as the impulsing system, it allows to establish new relations between the past and the future for creating conditions for changing the space-and-time trajectory of movement towards the predetermined future.

To explain the work of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER let us consider the following example. Suppose that we want to bake a cake according to the given recipe. If the recipe is written correctly and has no mistakes then we can read it and do everything correctly. The result is the cake which we have intended to bake. If the sheet of paper with the recipe is crumpled or dirty, then it is difficult to read the recipe (i.e. there are distortions in the recipe). While we are reading and deciphering the unclear recipe we spend additional time and the cake may be burnt; or we can misunderstand the recipe and put the wrong ingredient. The taste of the cake becomes different – distorted (or spoiled).

To take the distortions away it is necessary to straighten out or clean the sheet of paper with the recipe, i.e. to restore the informational exchange in the process of making the cake. The usual TRANSLIGHTER SUPER does restore the current distortions of the space. The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER fulfills all the functions of the usual TRANSLIGHTERS but it starts to act even when we have the task to make another cake for which there is no recipe. But the dream, the fantasy, the aim have already appeared, i.e. it is necessary to change the recipe of the cake. However, the recipe was made in the past, so there should be an establishment of the connection between the expected future and the past in order to form something in the past; as in the database, the new structural relations which will lead to appearance of a new recipe in the present.

Practically, the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER is an intensifier – focuser which distributes the spatial-temporal trace in the organism and disperses after-effects of disintegration, as a mistake of inharmonious life of the object. Space-and-time characteristics of the object acquire integrity.

Very often it is impossible to reach the predetermined aim or to realize the dream because in the past the necessary structures were not formed. It is not a mistake but changing of the life path. As it is impossible to turn a ship in the sea in one moment, the life path (trajectory) cannot be changed instantly either. To see the action of the structures made by the

TRANSLIGHTER SUPER the time must be accumulated.

Thus, it is necessary to do the following:

1. To form a dream – a fantasy – an aim.

2. To start acting for realizing it (Actions must not necessarily be direct. They may be indirect or even absurd, but they should comprise the imitational model of approaching the aim).

3. To collect patience and mark positive signs which testify moving in the right direction.

The difference between the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER and other devices

At present there are many products working on similar physical principles. For an inexperienced user they all look the same. But the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER has a number of peculiarities, which qualitatively distinguish it from others. The main difference is the ideology put into the structure of the TRANSLIGHTER SUPER.

Among the products presented in the market, two ideologies can be named.

*The first ideology is protection, assuming there are unfavorable factors against which it is advisable to protect yourself. On the structural-informational level of interactions this task is solved by blocking the channel along which unfavorable structural information goes (on analogy with material protection for which different screens, filters, reflectors, obstacles, special (diving) suits are used). In the short-term aspect such an ideology is effective enough, especially when a strong harmful factor exists. Blocking the channel of an unfavorable affect can really help you, which is shown by the results of many researches which are presented by the inventors of these products. However, through the blocked channel, besides a negative effect, the necessary information needed for making right decisions may pass too. This information is also cut off and leads to a worsening of adaptive capabilities of the organism. Because of that, a long use of such devices for protection is not desirable.

* The other ideology is the ideology of harmonization. The inventors put the laws of harmony into the structure of their products, which are absent in the users (in the inventors’ opinion) and which can do good to them. In reality people use natural harmonizers: stones, metals, wood. Useful properties of stones are well-known. But this ideology with all its appearing attractiveness has a number of disadvantages. First, the developers can be mistaken as for the usefulness of the law of harmony put into the device. Second, the world in which we live is constantly changing and you should change, following the world. So, the harmonizers should be changed, too. In different moon phases, different stones should be used; different types of wood should be used in different states and, depending on the date of birth. The harmonizer tunes you to a certain “melody” like a tuning fork. If the melody is one and the same all the time, then it is similar to singing one and the same song over and over. But new times call for new songs.

The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER realizes the ideology of normalization. Every object has its own structure, which determines the character of the interaction between an object and the other ones. The structure of a human is the most complex. In this structure there is everything to make a person healthy and happy. And this is the norm. But numerous factors of outer environment prevent this structure from being manifested. In reality there is a great difference between the norm and the real state of things. Interference of different factors leads to disorders in information channels and distorts the information coming to you. According to some researchers your aura is the evident part of your information system, which provides access for information of the organism and gives it out into the environment. The “holes” in the aura show disorders in the work of this information system (disruptions in the information channels). The organism constantly tries to restore the function of these channels, cleaning the aura. However, in the conditions of a hard information environment, which was created in many cases by you yourself, the organism is not able to cope with the problem of restoring and often wastes its energy.

The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER helps the organism to restore the information channels. It does not bring outer structures into the organism. Its main action is the coordination of your structure with outer structures and the elimination of the conflict between structures. The energetics of the organism does not change. The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER does not add outer energy. You have enough energy.

The TRANSLIGHTER SUPER helps to eliminate a loss of energy. As an analogy, let’s use a dirty electric bulb. – If we clean it there will be more light coming from it. But the electric energy in the bulb did not change – it emits the same amount of light. A similar situation is with you: the Svetlitsa-Super restores your energy by lessening ineffective waste. Expenditure of energy of the organism for restoring its own information system decreases. With this the effect of normalization is evident. Its essence is that if we measure any parameters of the organism (the parameters of endocrine, immune or any other system) we can see that the parameter increases when it is lower than the norm, and it decreases if it is above the norm. The manifestation of the normalizing effect allows us to speak about realization of the principle “Do no harm.” Actually if we move to the norm, the Svetlitsa-Super cannot harm. If the parameters of the organism are normal, then nothing happens; if they are not – then there is movement to the norm, though this movement may differ from case to case. Restoration of your information channel takes place and the adaptability and stability of the organism increase.

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