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The TRANSLIGHTER LAD is a system adapter for mobile telephones, computers, TV sets, microwave ovens and other appliances.

The size of the LAD is 13mm. It can be mounted on a mobile phone.

With the help of the TRANSLIGHTER LAD, domestic appliances acquire unique qualities, the ability to restore the quantum structure of a person.

The use of the LAD results in the following:

Improvement of the Physical state

The capacity for work increases

The level of making right decisions rises

Intuition gets more intensive

Conflicts in personal interactions lessen

Adaptive abilities of the organism to unfavorable factors of the environment increase

The organism becomes more resistant to stress

The immune system gets stronger

If you live in harmony with the world, you are healthy, successful and happy. Success means that your inner time and your quantum structure are coordinated with your environment (objects & people) and that you get into the events which are desirable for you. If your time and structure are not coordinated with the world, you are in constant tension and under stress; you cannot receive information correctly and you will make mistakes.

Modern electro-technical appliances such as mobile telephones, computers, TV sets and microwave ovens are made without taking into consideration the quantum coordination. Often their structures are in conflict with your quantum structure and they disturb your interaction with the world.

In the pictures you can see the kirlianograms (Kirlian photos) of a person’s aura before and after using the system adapter LAD.

A significant improvement of the aura can be seen here (the area of luminosity increases two times). This luminosity around the body characterizes the quality of the individual’s interaction with the environment because it reflects the quantum structure of the person. The brighter and more even the luminosity is, the better is the interaction. The personal system adapter LAD was developed for harmonizing the quantum structures of mobile telephones and other electro-technical appliances with the quantum structure of a person.

How the system adapter LAD functions:

The majority of people are sure that electro-magnetic fields have a negative effect on human beings. If you can lower the level of radiation below some acceptable meaning, there will be no harm. Modern electro-technical devices (telephones, computers, microwave ovens) produce radiation on a low level and, in the opinion of the producers, are quite safe. At the same time numerous publications dealing with the research on the influence of these devices on people, prove the opposite.

So, what is the matter? Who is right?

The research data demonstrated that people react to very weak and to even ultra-weak fields. We have an extremely sensitive information system. It appears to be that the level of radiation almost does not influence the organism (when the frequency and amplitude of the signal are constant). The organism is responsive to the changes (modulation) of the signal. In other words, the information structure of the radiation is responsible for the influence on the human organism. If it is not coordinated with the structure of the radiation of the organism, its information system begins to sort out the received information – to process it with the aim of reacting to it. It may be a signal of danger. Then you might feel the necessity to run away and hide or to raise the blood pressure or lower the temperature of the body. So, an unbalance of the organism’s parameters starts to set in. The organism spends energy and its resources on the adaptation to new outer parameters. Because the information resource of the organism is limited, there is a shortage of it and it is not enough to adapt to the real environment. Thus, when the adaptable abilities in people decrease, they make more mistakes, the quality of the decisions made becomes lower and the systems of the organism function worse (the immune, endocrine, nervous systems, etc.).

In the  LAD there are neither sources of energy nor any fields. In this device a special structure is formed on thin films, which provides coordination for a person’s structure and the structure of an electro-technical device (telephone, computer, TV set etc.). The organism stops wasting its resources (both energy and information ones) on processing information unnecessarily for vital activity. The economized resource is used to restore your information structure. It is seen very well when measuring the luminosity of a human’s body with the help of the gas discharge visualization system. Before using the LAD, defects in the structure of luminosity in people are seen. After using this device (on the telephone, for instance) the luminosity normalizes and gaps in the aura disappear. This proves a favorable influence of the LAD on people.

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Translighter LAD

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