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The Translighters  Blaga

The system for structural-informational servicing of business

The Modulator of spatial-temporal resources

The system “Translighter-Blaga” is intended for increasing the flow of wealth and resources (including financial ones). The word BLAGA has no unambiguous translation into English. The closest words - Goods, blessings, wealths  (money, goods, good relationships, success, luck, etc., all things that are included in the concept of a happy life).  Goods and wealths will be used further for the translation of the word BLAGA.

The majority of people are concerned with the lack of resources and wealth. Most often people themselves impede receiving these resources due to the limitations put by themselves. However most of these limitations are dictated from outside by the society. Transfer of these limitations is realized through money. A man takes bank-notes and through this carrirer gets information and puts down information himself as an eradiating system. He gets carriers on which somebody has already written one’s own attitude towards money, having had it in his hands. This information is superimposed on his understanding about what money is, on his own attitude to money, resources and wealth. Thus, there appears some social environment which creates stereotypes. These stereotypes do not allow the man to realize his creative potential completely, they block financial fluidity, somewhere – in input or output- oversqueezing the flow of wealth. The man begins to suffer from the lack of resources when he does not possess things he wants to have. On the whole he suffers from the lack of resources generally. And the main resource is time. Usually people transform their own time into some resources, including money. So, the main purpose is to give the man a way out into another time layer to take away the appeared limitations and distortions, imposed by the outer medium (i.e. to let the man rise over the current situation and events).

The“Translighter-Blaga” is the system for restoring the time flow of a person. Widening the time flow leads to increasing information flow and resources (including financial ones). The man will not only have the possibility to realize something in his life, but he will also get the necessary information and the right ideas, and all that was difficult to realize before due to distortions of flows. The“Translighter-Blaga” helps to harmonize, to clean all the flows coming to the man, in fact – all the information flows. In this case the flows will go to the man not distorting his own structure, which controls the processes of thinking, spiritual constituent, new ideas and their realization. An important property of the system “Translighter-Blaga” is its ability to attract in life cash flows necessary for concrete aims. With the help of the “Translighter-Blaga” the man transforms pathological processes in his bioenergy matrix thus acquiring physical and spiritual health. As a consequence, he begins to do the kind of work which will bring him greater satisfaction and financial stability.

With its help the man will be able to unite his individual particular interests and aims with the universal cosmic level of energies and vibrations getting the possibility to perceive knowledge from the Universe (intuitive feeling of one’s own life way, prompts, breaks-through, lightenings (illuminations) of mind, fresh ideas). In this case the man is able to comprehend cosmic codes of abundance and well-being and to direct money flows into the desired course.

Decrease of problems in the life of a man

The principal formula of success means the following: if the man manages to be in the right place and in the right time – then he is successful, if he does not – he is not successful, This possibility to get in the right place and the right time is directly connected with the system of receiving and processing information by the man. If the informational links of the man are broken, he does not get the necessary information. As a result, the man finds himself in the place where he is not awaited for. The surrounding world begins to force the man out of this place, the evidence of which is strain, stress, conflicts. As a consequence there appear problems of different levels (interpersonal, health, social, etc.). The man begins to wage a war against the world and not to live in peace. The system “Translighter-Blaga” harmonizes structural informational links and helps to improve relationships in business as well as personal ones. It also helps to accumulate dense life potential of a high quality. The man begins to understand more clearly his aims and life way. He becomes more successful and integral. The number of conflicts in his life decreases sharply which makes life happier and of higher quality.

Forming the freedom of thinking and purposes

Stereotypes imposed from outside through different sources of parasite information may be evident (as mass media), and non-evident (as different carriers, such as bank-notes, material objects etc.). They lead the man away from his true purposes, making him waste his life time on realization of alien ideas and false sense (meanings). If a person is passive, he drifts in the flow of time which is called karma or destiny. For an active man the system “Translighter-Blaga” forms the freedom of thinking. He acquires the freedom to form and realize his purpose. Usually the most difficult problem for a man is to formulate the purpose: what one needs, why and how to reach it. When the purpose is defined and set there begins the creative process of thinking. The given system helps to define the purpose (discarding false purposes) which will be expedient to the life of the man and to life generally. Further, after forming the purpose the man just moves easily without hindrance to realization of the purpose. It is called “to lighten one’s own way”. It will be much simpler for him to move to the purpose, new ideas will come by themselves, all in his life will take shape naturally, by itself. Thus, the “Translighter-Blaga” draws attention of the man to tasks which are clearly aimed, preventing him from “betrayal of oneself”, i.e. without distraction on unnecessary and superfluous actions ( though “prestigious “ones), and this optimizes using the potential accumulated for accomplishing the task.

Growth of stability in business

Any business may be stable only when it grows. At the same time macroeconomic process may have a tendency to recession, making the marketing situation worse. The “Translighter-Blaga” diminishes the influence of negative factors. It is a fractal structure, which projects the consciousness of the man on the system of the net mind (reason) of life. As a result there appears additional possibility to build the stable system of synchronizing the duration of business of a particular man with the multi-dimensional construction of the life net mind. The form of manifestation of the result is not formalized and is non-predictable. But from the global point of view any business becomes more stable in relation to unbalanced characteristics of the macroeconomic situation.

Use of the system “Translighter-Blaga”

The principal element with which the user works is the card of the “Translighter-Blaga”. Every card has a personal number which is seen on the front side. Besides there is one more number which is inserted into the chip inside the card. Both numbers form a unique pair protecting the card from the fake. The user has the activated card with himself ( in the purse, pocket, wear it on the cord). The card fulfils the following functions:

1. Cleaning the bank-notes from imposed informational distortions. For this one should put the card into the purse or wallet.

2. 2. Elimination of structural spatial-temporal distortions in the man (on the levels of ethereal, astral, mental, casual bodies). For this one should bear the card in the pocket or wear it on the cord.

3. Elimination of strains and pains in the body. Put the card to the problem place with the front side towards it. You will feel abatement of pain.

4. Mental intensification of the business structure. 

How the system of structural-informational servicing “Translighter-Blaga” functions

The “Translighter-Blaga” is developed using theoretical concepts of the Physics of Structures and Synergy of information processes. In its structure there is put the fractal principle of representation of multi-dimensional processes which have temporal connectivity.

Living systems use the fractal principle of organizing their structure to increase stability. To make it simpler, fractality may be understood as enclosure and representability of one kind of subsystems into other ones. All the systems and organs in a human being have their own reflection (representation) in each other. So, it is possible to diagnose the whole organism using only one of the systems. For example, diagnostics by the iris, pulse diagnostics, diagnostics by acupuncture points, diagnostics by fingers’ illumination (the Kirlian photography), etc. It is also possible to cure the whole organism by stimulation of separate organs or systems - stimulation of the palm , or stimulation of separate canals (meridian therapy), etc. Many times the experiments were described when a blood test is taken from a sick animal, and it is evident that the blood is bad. Then the blood is put into a refrigerator, and they start to cure the animal . When the animal gets well there appears that the blood-test in the fridge becomes healthy. It proves that between the systems in the organism there exists not only spatial connectivity (location in one place), but also the temporal connectivity (being as a whole in the time). Using the fractal principle of organization in living systems leads to the fact that with the growth of complexity of a living system its stability in relation to unfavourable factors increases. A well-known fact is that the more complex is the biocenosis of organisms, the greater is the range of temperatures in which they survive.

The structure of the “Translighter-Blaga” was created for building up dimension capacity of interaction in time. A man being a representation of multi-dimension structure in our four-dimension space-time existence perceive the idea of time as one-dimension coordinate, though it is a vector in multi-dimension space. Impossibility to provide temporal connectivity (integrity) leads to repeated cycling motion in a certain temporal layer with some limitations.

The man puts all the limitations himself. The “Translighter-Blaga” to some extent eliminates representations of these limitations, that is, it leads the man into another time layer, where such limitations do not exist or they are much weaker. Growth of the wealth flow is connected with using the received chances. If a person is active and tries to find new possibilities then he goes easily out of these limitations and gets the effect. Different people may have different results – some of them change their aims and work out new ideas for realizing their business: others acquire new relations and offers, still others manage to do more (events in their life come together successfully) or save more money learning to economize in shopping. At the same time we should take into consideration outer influence when some losses are possible (as in the case with the world crisis).

In the diagram there is possible dynamics. Vertically there are units of the card cost. But if the general tendency is towards lowering the income, then all the dynamics may appear damper of this recession. Buying the keys for increasing the dimension capacity of the wealth flow, the user of this system gets the chance of increasing the general dynamics. It should be remembered that we speak about the wealth flow – not about the cash flow. Both the flows may correlate with each other, but also may not – if there appears the chance to use the wealth omitting the money stage. And of course different scales of activity mean various scales of dimension capacity of the wealth flow and investments in the support of the structure. The cards “Translighter-Blaga gold” and “Translighter-Blaga brilliant” differ from the “Translighter-Blaga” in the scale of dimension capacity of the wealth flow (growth of dimension of time).

Elimination of limitations does not mean that the man will use the chance.. If the door was locked and then opened, it depends only on the man if he enters it. New relations may appear but using them is fully connected with the activity of the person.

It is necessary to take into account that time is needed for representation of new possibilities. This time is different with different people: new ideas may appear in several days for some people, this period being longer for others. So, the man buys the keys when he can see the effect of using the “Translighter-Blaga”.

The “Translighter-Blaga” is a graphic configuration (stylization) of the temporal-spatial model for providing the life matter. In the particular case it is financial guarantee (overconcentrated energy of life). Temporal tracks of movement of energy flows pass over into spatially evolving structures of material wealth. The energy of desire is being turned along the light pattern of the temporal model of developing memory of the future, forming the system of light-accumulation of life resources. Spatial-temporal configuration of material well-being initiates the plan of events representing life competency.

The “Translighter-Blaga” is a spatial-temporal former of matter, transferring it from mental, pre-mental, casual, fantasy world into the Real world. By its structure it is an intensifier, going through which “the thought acquires density” and becomes a concrete material object. 

Transformation or transmutation may be spasmodic (by leaps) as well as gradual. 

The protecting system of filters is inserted in its structure, which prevents negative thoughts or destructive ideas from going through the intensifier.

In the structure of the “Translighter-Blaga” the fractal principle of organization of temporal and financial flows is realized. For its complete realization in a particular man two conditions are necessary:

1. The man should have the activated card

2. The support of fractal connectivity of the business of a concrete person and the structure of the “Translighter-Blaga”. The support of fractal connectivity is provided through the procedure of acquiring the card – keys for increasing the dimension capacity of the flow of wealth. The keys may be bought at the representatives of the developers (the VSI BLAGA Lithuania).The client gets confirmation of activating the card - keys (by e-mail blaga.lik@gmail.com) (Text: Please activate key number ... the card number ...). After receiving the reply letter about the activation key should be attached to a key card for 4 hours. Thereafter, the key can be removed from the card. You do not have to wear it with the card. 

3. We recommend to activate the keys every 2 months. To get the keys to the cards on our website www.lik-blaga.eu


The concept of the Flow of the Good is directly related to the concept of time. People create connections in time and get benefits (the Good) through these connections. People spend their lifetime on the creation and maintenance of these relations. Therefore, the time is the non-renewable resource that people spend on obtaining various benefits, both material and non-material (money, goods, good relationships, success, luck, etc., all things that are included in the concept of a happy life). People can spend their lifetime with different levels of effectiveness. Various kinds of noise, both external and internal ones, prevent the person from optimal spending of time by increasing the number of errors and waste of resources. The Blaga cards enable their users to reduce these wastes and to go beyond the borders of personal limitations. This happens mainly thanks to the increase of the scales of the person’s interactions with the time.   

We can imagine the model of one’s interactions with the time as a cone of events in three time coordinates.  

For people time is manifest as sequences of events, which are the transition from cause to effect.

Owing to the variety of reasons, which can lead to one or many effects of the same cause, it is possible to speak about parallel events as a multitude on the field of events. So we can imagine the field of events, in which a person is involved, as a circle on a plane of time coordinates t1 and t2. The diameter of the circle depends on the limitations that a person imposes on his or her actions. It is also related to the dimension of the third time coordinate t3. This t31 dimension determines the cone of events in which a person is able to create

connections that will enable him/her to receive the flow of benefits (blue lines in Figure 1). The diameter of the circle in the plane of the field of events determines the scales of the flow of benefits for a particular person.

The Blaga card increases the scales of interaction with the time. So the user of the card moves from point t31 to point t32 (so the dimensions in this coordinate increase). The cone of events increases (the red lines in Figure 1), which leads to the extension of the field of events.  

The user of the Blaga card gets an opportunity to go beyond his/her own limits and to begin to create new connections that will increase the flow of the good. This can be manifest in new ideas which will suddenly appear, in new people they will meet, new opportunities that were unavailable before. Most often the users of the Blaga cards notice that they have become more successful and that they need less time than before to achieve positive results.

It is necessary to pay attention that these new time reserves should be used for creative activity. Under creative activity we understand creation of new things, which did not exist before. This does not necessarily have to be arts, as it is possible to create new things in any field.  

Different people have different scales of interaction with the time. Most often it is manifest in different incomes or different levels of events, which happen in the lives of these people. Some people are employees with low salaries, others have their own business. The levels of business can also be different. All people have different scales of the field of events. 

The increase of the field of events while using the Blaga card depends on the value of the card.  There are different cards: Blaga, Blaga SILVER, Blaga GOLD, Blaga PLATINUM and Blaga BRILLIANT. In Figure 2 one can see the difference between the increase of the flow of benefits, caused by Blaga Gold (in the left) and a usual Blaga (in the right). The level of this increase is reflected in the prices of the cards. The scales of the Blaga Silver are five times higher than those of a usual Blaga, the scales of the Blaga Gold are ten times higher than those of a usual Blaga, the scales of the Blaga Brilliant are one hundred times higher than those of a usual Blaga. The users can determine themselves what scales of the Translighter Blaga correspond with their activity. Different levels of activity require different scales of the flow of the good, therefore, they require different investments in the maintanence of the structure. One should buy the card the price of which is available for him/her.  Also, it is nececssary to keep in mind that a transfer to a new level requires time and particular skills in organization of necessary connections.

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