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Devices for creating cosiness and comfort in rooms.

Devices for increasing the quality of life.

What can be done in order to attract clients, so that they want to visit a shop, an office or a restaurant? You can say: ensure a high level of service, a wide range of products, equipment of high quality. And you will be right. But there are also non-obvious factors which make different places seem attractive or repulsive to the clients. For example, let's think about the concept of cosiness. What makes a place cosy? Why does a person feel comfortable and cosy in one place, but want to leave another place as soon as possible?

From the earliest times people chose places where they wanted to live very thoroughly. They knew the difference between "clean" and "unwholesome" places, and chose "clean" places to build their houses. Nowadays constructors do not pay attention at such "small things". However, there is indeed a difference between different places. The thing is that the space is nonuniform. There are natural and artificially-produced factors which disturb the uniformity of the space (sometimes they are called pathogenic zones). Once a person has found themselves in such a zone of nonuniformity, they begin to feel uncomfortable. Their own structure gets disturbed, their energy level decreases, they loose the ability to concentrate and get tired very quickly. A person wants to leave this kind of place as soon as possible.

The Translighters COMFORT devices modify the structure of the window. The light that passes through such a window gets structured, it replaces the destructive  chaos of the room with the wholesome order of the light flow. Using the Translighter COMFORT devices to eliminate spacial and structural distortions leads to significant improvement of people's psycho-emotional state. Restoration and harmonization of the person's structure and the structure of the room causes the increase of the person's workability.

Translighters COMFORT 

  1. Reduce tension
  2. Reduce physical tiredness
  3. Improve the ability to concentrate your attention
  4. Facilitate improvement of the person’s living standards
  5. Increase the person’s adaptability
  6. Increase the person’s workability
  7. Normalize the person’s sleep
  8. Create cosiness and comfort
Nonuniformities of space can be captured with a help of special equipment. The pictures below show measurements of the structure of the space which were performed by means of the Sputnik sensor (a device based on the Gas Discharge Visualisation principle).

On the left you can see the initial distribution of energy in the room. The left image demonstrates a significant difference between the results of measurements performed in different places inside the room. The right image shows  the improvement of the structure of the space after the room was equipped with the Translighters COMFORT. One can see that using the Translighters COMFORT technology has caused a significant decrease in the nonuniformity of the space (to 20-40%). The general energy level has increased. The Translighters COMFORT enables its users to improve the structural order of the space. This significantly improves the influence of various space-distorting factors on the person who finds themselves in this space.  The Translighters COMFORT ensures the adjustment of the person's structure and the structure of the space. Moreover, the peculiarity of this new structural order is its higher level of complexity (dimentionality). People who find themselves in such a space get less tired. They are more tranquil, balanced and attentive. Clients will feel more cosy and comfortable in such an office or store. They will become more friendly and sensitive. 

The Translighter COMFORT makes people feel better.

The influence of the Translighter COMFORT on people has been studied with a help of diagnostic devices based on the Kirlian effect. On the images you can see the aura of a person before and after spending some time in the room equipped with the Translighter COMFORT.

After a person has stayed in such a room, their ability to emanate light increases by 20 – 60 %. 

This means that their energy level and workability have also improved.

Harmonizing the structure of the space using the Translighters COMFORT improves people's perception and intuition.

For example, if a company's office is equipped with the Translighters COMFORT and the employees are providing the clients with  information on the company's products and services, this information will be perceived very easily and naturally. The clients will be willing to visit this place again in future, which will make them loyal customers. Employees who work in such rooms make less mistakes. The level of service improves. Less conflicts happen between the members of the team. The quality of work improves. People's energy level increases, which leads to the improvement of their general health state. People do not get ill as often as they did before, there are less cases of non-attendance of work because of health problems. 

In general, using the Translighters COMFORT leads to more stability in business, cash flows of companies increase. 

Positive influence of the Translighters COMFORT was tested on plants. A standard test with reddish seeds was made. The result demonstrated that germination of the seeds had increased by 20-30%, the resistibility of plants to pests and diseases had also improved. The length of the plantlets during the experiment exceeded the length of the control group by 25-30%. Such dynamics demonstrate the improvement of the habitat of living organisms. 

The left image shows significant improvement of the germination of the seeds in the room equipped with the Translighters COMFORT in comparison with the control group. The length of the stem and the root has also increased significantly.

Improve the structure of water in your house

During the interaction of  water with the Translighters COMFORT the crystallization 

indicators and organoleptic properties of the water significantly improved. New crystallization 

axes appeared in the structure of the water, which means that the crystal became volumetric and more compound. In case of a person such changes lead to improvement of their ability to perceive complex information, as well as their ability to concentrate and to be creative. 

The Translighter Comfort device consists of two elements, designed as plastic cards. Both cards should be attached to a window-frame: one of them is put to its horizontal part, the other one – to the vertical one. The distance between the cards should not exceed 1.5 meters.  One set of the Translighter Comfort (i.e. two cards) is meant for a room with total area up to 25 sq m. 

The Translighter Comfort functions uninterruptedly 24 hours per day.  Its efficiency does not reduce in the course of time. 


Singaras Melnikas, an owner and a manager of a hairdressing saloon from Vilnius, Lithuania 

I had very few customers in my hairdressing saloon. The hairdressers often felt bored, as they didn’t have much work to do. I even thought of closing down my business. One acquaintance of mine suggested that I should put the Translighter Comfort to my saloon. A week after the Translighter was brought there, the number of customers more than doubled. Even the attitude of the staff to clients changed. It became more friendly and cordial. 

Valentina Petrova, a manager from Moscow

I have had an interesting experience with kaleidoscopic Translighters. There was a clock on a wall in my room, a good Japanese clock. For some reason it didn’t run (we changed the batteries, had it fixed, but that was to no avail). In fact, I should have thrown it away, but I never did get round to it. One summer evening I attached the Translighters Comfort to a window, and the other day I noticed that the clock had begun to run! More than three months have passed, and the clock still functions normally. As for me, I don’t feel the effect of the Translighters myself, but they seem to be actually influencing the space. 

Dalya, housewife. 

We had just moved to a new apartment. It was spacious, new, light, everybody had their own room. But in a while I noticed that my children began to get worse grades at school. I have two children, a boy and a girl. The son said that when he began to do homework, he couldn’t concentrate. When I heard about the Translighter Comfort, in the beginning I didn’t believe it could work. But I decided to try that. I bought a set of the Translighters Comfort and hang them in the kitchen. I didn’t feel anything myself. But children began to do their homework in the kitchen. They said that it was more comfortable for them to study there. Then I also attached the Translighter Comfort to the windows of the children’s rooms. Gradually their grades became better. The daughter didn’t feel exhausted in the end of the school year, as she did before. It seemed that she was able to continue studying. On her own initiative she changed her school for another one, where the quality of education was better. 

Irina Solovieva

I bought the Translighter Super three years ago. It was an excellent decision – at that time I was working as a masseuse and was very tired at work. After I got the Translighter Super, I refreshed myself very quickly, new ideas began to come to my mind more often, and what is very important, I got enough strength to realize these ideas. Moreover, people around me began to notice that I looked younger, and it still continues! I have opened my own Marriage Agency, I consult people on different topics, all in all, there are people, people and people! And there’s also the gym, the swimming pool, workshops, public activity – my life has become much more dynamic! The Translighter helps! After that I bought the Translighter Comfort, and I felt a difference at once: I got new ideas and bursts of creativity, it became pleasant to stay in my rooms, which was also noticed by my guests. My business became more and more successful. I have recently bought the Translighters for the second window, and I am very happy I have done this. After cleaning the energy of people, apartments and offices (I used to do these things, and I will start again), I will be happy to recommend this useful and necessary device to the clients to prolong the effect. I WANT TO SEE THIS WORLD GETTING CLEANER AND LIGHTER! I AM SO THANKFUL TO THE INVENTORS OF THESE DEVICES!



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